Bug Sweeps / Counter Surveillance

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Bug Sweeps / Counter Surveillance

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Electronic surveillance devices have become cheaper in recent years and more accessible to the public. Almost anyone can gain access to these sophisticated devices. Hence, you don’t have to be an executive or a top celebrity to be a victim of espionage. Not only competitors spy on people or businesses, but also criminals, determined stalkers, or resentful spouses use bug devices to spy. Most people that employ the use of bugs to spy on organizational operations do so to steal trade secrets or sensitive information. This act can prove disastrous to you and your business. When confidential information gets leaked, there’s no limit to the extent of damage that might occur. Your privacy is your most-priced possession, and it should never be illegally invaded. 

Never hesitate! Once you feel that unauthorized individuals are bugging your mobile phone, devices, or premises, you should contact a professional bug sweeping service provider. Nation Security is the most reliable in that class. Importantly, we advise you not to contact us within the confinement of the potentially bugged premises. Also, please do not use a bugged mobile phone to contact us because whoever had bugged your device may be listening. Nation Security private investigators combine technical skills and experience to perform your full debugging services. Our competency levels and qualifications set us high above competitors.

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At Nation Security, we understand how important it is to have secure conversations and business transactions. We also know how easy for a competitor to discover your business strategy when they track your computer transactions, communications, and movements. Other information regarding contractual matters, intellectual property, matrimonial matter, or strategic intelligence should also remain confidential. Our professionals at Nation Security are well-informed about the laws relating to conversation intercepts, which is why we conduct tactical bug sweets and counter-surveillance measures. 

We offer bug sweeps and counter-surveillance services to the following:

  • Corporate organizations and businesses
  • Law firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Individuals and families
  • Executives and celebrities
  • Educational sectors
  • And many more!

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We do not just locate these bugs or listening devices. We also conduct security risk assessments that will offer strategies that allow you to avoid being bugged. Our professional private investigators start their investigation by analyzing multiple methods of bugging. We then conduct a complete bug sweep and counter-surveillance. We make use of a spectrum analyzer that searches for signals that are emitted from the target areas. These signals are usually not in correlation with the typical commercial spectrum. This device allows us to spot the differences between regular phone transmissions, laptops, and bugs transmitting wireless signals. 

Our private investigators also conduct a physical examination of target areas to detect bugs that might have been missed by the spectrum analyzer. Nation Security private investigators have keen eyes for details, and they are trained never to leave any stone unturned. We make use of sophisticated technology to carry out our bug sweeps. The devices we employ include spectrum analyzers, wideband receivers, junction detectors, phone wire-tap detectors. Also, we conduct vulnerability assessments, and we put several measures in place to prevent future bugging. 

Our aim at Nation Security is to provide high-quality, efficient, and reliable services that will exceed our client’s expectations. We expose and address security weaknesses to make sure that your proprietary and confidential information remains secure. Contact us today; we will be ready to help you with any electronic bugging concerns.