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Cannabis Security Solutions

Our security guards are known across the country for their top-notch skills, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Hire our armed & unarmed security guards at low-price and secure your cannabis dispensary .

The future of the cannabis industry looks promising, with legal cannabis sales predicted to exceed $30 billion by 2025. In many parts of the United States, there’s been a surge in the number of people getting into the cannabis business because it can be pretty profitable. However, it’s important to remember that cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

This means that cannabis sellers face difficulties in keeping their dispensaries safe and secure. Without proper security measures, these dispensaries become attractive targets for thieves, armed robbers, and burglars. Many cannabis dispensaries operate as cash-only businesses because most banks won’t handle money from cannabis sales. So, having a significant amount of cash on hand makes them even more enticing to criminals.

To make matters worse, some security companies may refuse to work with cannabis dispensaries, making it even harder to ensure the safety of your business. If you’re running a cannabis dispensary and need help with security, Nation Security is here to assist you!

Benefits of Cannabis Security

Safety with Guards

Protection from Theft

Cannabis security keeps your valuable products safe from thieves and ensures your business doesn't suffer losses.

Custom Security Plans

Compliance with Laws

It helps you follow all the rules and regulations in the cannabis industry, avoiding legal trouble.

Peace of Mind Security

Peace of Mind

With cannabis security, you can relax, knowing your business is safe and that you're doing everything by the book.

Professional Security Services of Nation Security

Our team of security experts is well-prepared and skilled to help you stay safe and handle security challenges. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Keeping a watchful eye on your place 24/7.
  • Checking and minimizing risks for you.
  • Safely moving cannabis supplies.
  • Checking and improving security.
  • Managing who can access your place and watching it closely.
  • Patrolling on foot and in vehicles to protect your site.
  • Giving advice on following the rules and being secure.
  • Making sure people working with you are trustworthy.
  • Directing traffic near your place.
  • Keeping you updated about any incidents.
Cannabis Security

When it comes to your safety and your cannabis business’s security, it’s a smart move to trust experts. And if you’re in the cannabis industry, it’s even more important. So, pick Nation Security’s cannabis security services today!

Strategic Cannabis Security Solutions

Here at Nation Security, our team of experts is well-prepared to protect legal marijuana shops from various risks. We take pride in our strategic approach, which forms a strong foundation for our cannabis security program. Our plans establish the basis for all the rules that keep your property, staff, and customers safe. We believe that planning for security is the first step in reducing risks at your dispensary.

So, we use a variety of tactics like spotting potential threats, focusing on key systems, assigning responsibilities, enforcing security rules, and more. These steps make our security program strong, and we’re committed to providing top-notch services.

Nation Security offers armed and unarmed security services across the country for transporting cannabis. We work closely with you to ensure that your products get to their destinations safely. We provide comprehensive insurance to safeguard your cargo from start to finish. Our security experts are highly skilled and can deter theft and other illegal activities, both inside and outside your operation. We’ll also provide the right guidance to protect your cannabis license and ensure that your business complies with federal regulations. If needed, we can extend our services to secure activities like supply deliveries and large cash deposits at the bank.

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