Civil Investigations

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Civil Investigations

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Civil investigation services deal with just about everything in today’s society about personal and professional interactions. Civil law is generally known to settle expectations and responsibilities. Disputes can occur in every different facet of society. If a civil trial process is ongoing, you must secure evidence that you can use to your advantage. Concrete evidence is essential to winning a lawsuit or dispute. Private investigators will assist you in carrying out civil investigations while doing so in a legal manner. As individuals, you have little or no experience to gather the necessary information for a successful court case or resolve civil disputes between individuals. 

At Nation Security, our trained private investigators provide second-to-none civil investigation services. We have the experience, resources, and skills to gather necessary information that is needed to win a case. We provide thorough and in-depth investigative services using techniques that are unique to us. Nation Security private investigators operate with the highest possible standards in terms of professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality.

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We offer civil investigation services such as:

  • Domestic Investigations: We use serval surveillance, counter-surveillance, physical records, background checks, and other means to investigate cases. Our field investigations are top-notch, using our unique techniques to ascertain the kind of relationship between the two parties involved. 
  • Child Custody Investigations: Child custody is often an issue if you believe that your divorcing partner is not fit to raise the children properly. Our private investigators will assist you in gathering information and evidence to prove that the safety of your child may be at risk. Our investigators pay attention to and gather details such as the ability of a parent to make necessary provisions available to the child. 
  • Personal Injustice: Wrongful accusations can prove damaging to an individual’s reputation. Our private investigators will work to gather evidence to uncover the truth about some issues. We see that our clients get vindicated without being unjustly accused. 
  • Business Disputes Investigations: We offer business litigation investigations in situations involving: corporate and partnership disputes, breach of contract, fraud, wrongful job or business termination, insurance coverage disputes, and many more. We provide evidence that can help you win a court case as regards business or agreement breaches.
  • Asset Investigations: Nation Security’s experienced private investigators have the skills and knowledge to uncover possible hidden items of value or funds. These assets can be relevant and very useful in cases such as defaults on debts, bankruptcy, divorce litigation, and others.
  • Missing Person Investigation: Police agencies take time before searching for missing persons. They also carry out these searches for a limited amount of time. Hiring our private investigators at Nation Security will offer a better chance of finding a missing individual. We begin work as soon as we draft out a contract with you, and we continue to gather pieces of evidence for as long as they are required.

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We provide other civil investigation services such as:

  • Employment reference verifications and screening
  • Counterfeit good detection
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Harassment investigations
  • Intellectual property researches
  • And more!

Our private investigators at Nation Security will provide effective and reliable services while being professional, discreet, and confidential. We have a track record of continually providing accurate reports and verified evidence to our clients. Contact us today!