How Much Does Security Guards Make?

How Much Does Security Guards Make?

Before you decide to switch jobs, it’s crucial to know everything you need.

Usually, the first thing we wonder about is how much money we can make. If you’re thinking about becoming a security guard, here’s the deal: While some starting jobs pay around minimum wage, how much you earn depends on how much experience you have, where you work, and who you work for.

How much do Security Guards Make Every Hour?

Well, it depends. If you’ve been working in security for a while, you’ll probably make more money.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (Updated in May 2023), Nationally, here’s the average pay for security guards:

  • Most security guards earn around $19.44 per hour, which adds up to about $40,440 a year.
  • But, depending on where you are and how long you’ve been working, this can change.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical pay you might expect:

  • Entry-level: Starting around $13.70 per hour, or $28,500 per year.
  • A bit more experience: Maybe around $15.22 per hour, or $31,660 yearly.
  • Median pay (meaning half earn more, half earn less): About $17.82 per hour, or $37,070 a year.
  • Pretty experienced: Closer to $21.46 per hour, or $44,630 annually.
  • Top earners: Could make as much as $27.60 per hour, or $57,400 yearly.

Remember, these are averages, so your pay might be different based on where you work. For instance, in places like the District of Columbia, security guards tend to earn more. Their median pay is $21.16 per hour, and some can even make up to $30.70 hourly.

StateEmploymentJobs per 1000Hourly WageAnnual Wage
New York121,92012.98$21.28$44,250
Guards income data
(Image: United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Your Pay and Perks as a Security Guard

When you work as a security guard, how much you get paid and what extra benefits you receive can change based on who you work for. This might include things like health benefits, chances to move up in the company, or getting paid for training.

It’s important to know that some security companies like to help their employees grow in their careers by giving them chances to move up from within the company.

Thinking About Becoming a Security Guard?

If you’re considering a career in security, it’s not just about the paycheck. Let’s break down some common questions people have when they’re thinking about becoming a security guard:

  • Are Security Guard Jobs in Demand?

    The short answer is yes. According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, there’s expected to be over 40,000 new job openings in the field between 2018 and 2028. As long as there are businesses and individuals needing to protect their stuff and their people, there’ll always be a need for security guards.

  • What Are the Hours Like for Security Guards?

    Here’s the cool thing: security guard gigs come in all shapes and sizes. You can pick full-time, part-time, casual, or shift work. If the traditional 9-5 isn’t your jam, no worries. Security jobs offer schedules 24/7. Whether you’re a night owl, an early riser, or somewhere in between, there’s a slot for you.

  • Is Being a Security Guard Boring?

    Not at all! Sure, there are gigs where you might be posted up in one spot for a while, but there are also gigs that keep you on the move at busy places. Some days might throw curveballs like emergency response or fire safety duties. Plus, you get to choose what field you want to work in—like healthcare, retail, parking, banks, or schools.

  • Can You Move Up in the Security Guard World?

    Absolutely. Starting as a security guard often sets you up for advancement. If you’re eyeing a supervisor, manager, or executive role in a security company, this is usually the first step. And hey, being a security guard can also be a stepping stone towards a career in law enforcement. So, lots of room to grow!

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What Security Companies Offer Employees?

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