Insurance Investigation Services

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Insurance Investigation Services

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According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, illegitimate insurance claims are estimated to cost about $80 billion every year. There is no limit to the damages that insurance fraud can cause. It’s in your company’s best interest to make verifications on every claim. These verifications are to confirm the legitimacy and accuracy of every insurance claim. Such applications include car accidents, personal injury, property damage, and others. By accurately establishing the legitimacy of insurance claims, you have a high chance of avoiding making significant payments to fraudsters. Not only that, with insurance investigations, you can also make the right decisions concerning the proceedings of a claim. 

At Nation Security, we provide an extensive range of insurance fraud investigation services. Our team of experienced private investigators is well-versed in discovering the truth about an insurance claim. Our wide array of insurance fraud investigation looks into several cases, ranging from accident frauds to healthcare fraud, and even fake death claims. We discreetly work with you to achieve timely results. Our expert private investigators’ training and skills are put into careful use while carrying your insurance investigations. We perfectly combine intelligence and observation while offering thorough investigative services. 

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Nation Security insurance investigation services deal with fraudulent insurance claims such as:

  • Personal injury claims: Individuals or businesses can be at the receiving end of these cases. An alleged victim claims to have fallen while accessing stairs on the property. However, they stage the incident. We conduct our investigations to look into these cases and uncover the truth about them. 
  • Property damage claims: We help insurance companies to investigate property damage claims such as fire damage, car accidents, and other forms of damage. We work in with the kind of property in question and the level of claims. Our private investigators are experts in evaluating the situation to discover the cause of the property damage. 
  • Theft claims: Our private investigators are security experts who have the experience to look into theft claims such as robbery, hijacking, or burglary. Nation Security private investigators use the best kind of strategies and employ intelligence procedures to carry out investigations.
  • Healthcare claims: These claims can involve both the patient and the healthcare practitioner. These individuals may inflate healthcare claims to line their own pockets. We conduct our investigations to ensure that your company is kept safe from such fraudulent practices and bring fraudsters to justice.

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Others include:

  • General insurance investigations
  • Liability investigations
  • Commercial claims
  • Provider fraud
  • Workers’ compensation

At Nation Security, we offer insurance fraud investigation services by carrying out the following and more:

  • Background investigations
  • Asset searches
  • Witness searches and statements
  • Medical audits
  • Employee interviews
  • SIU services
  • Death verifications
  • Activity checks
  • Surveillance services and collection of photographic evidence
  • Income protection audits

Nation Security insurance investigation services are robust and reliable. We have designed our services to meet and surpass your expectations. The detailed reports of events we provide after the investigation processes are crucial to confirm or deny an insurance claim. Contact us today!