Phone Forensics

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Phone Forensics

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In recent years, mobile phones have become a significant part of the lives of the majority in society. It is rare to find an individual separated from a mobile phone for an extended period. Mobile phones these days keep evolving with technological developments. These devices have become highly sophisticated, offering fantastic features. We regularly rely on our mobile phones to connect and communicate with people within an instant. As highly useful tools, mobile phones’ activities can leave a trail of digital records of the user’s detailed portrait. 

There is a high potential that private information stored in your phone system will be used against you if your mobile phone gets in the hands of wrong or unauthorized individuals. These data also reveal several activities you carry out, and criminals will take advantage of this. Hence, you must secure your mobile phone and the online accounts you access through it. The moment you feel your phone is compromised, you need to seek experienced phone forensic experts. You may also require an in-depth examination of your phone operating system to uncover evidence or data. Whatever reason, Nation Security offers you the best phone forensic experts in Florida and the United States. 

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At Nation Security, our phone forensic experts are well-versed in analyzing digital evidence from mobile phones. In the hands of our knowledgeable forensic professionals, a wealth of essential pieces of evidence can be uncovered. 

We assist you in recovering information such as:

  • GPS locations
  • Photos and videos
  • Call history
  • Mails
  • Contact list
  • Messages via SMS, social media, skype, and others.
  • Internet history
  • Wi-Fi data
  • Calendar and appointment history
  • Social network logs
  • Internal and removable memory data
  • Bluetooth data
  • And many more!

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Our experts at Nation security use several technological gadgets to search, detect, and remove spyware or malware from your mobile phone. Our specialists have experience working with not just individuals but also with business organizations. We work with companies to conduct a forensic examination of their cellular devices that further conduct internal investigations. We understand the importance of phone forensics in criminal investigations. We make use of extracted data to get vital information about several proceedings. Our forensic data are obtained in ways that they can be used in legal proceedings. 

We carry out phone forensic examinations to:

  • Examine and recover digital evidence for use in legal cases, civil or criminal, defense or prosecution
  • Identify illegal and indecent imagery
  • Determine whether data theft has occurred within your business
  • Get the summary of mobile internet usage
  • Produce photographs, videos, and call lists
  • Recover deleted or lost data
  • Determine the location of a phone at a specific time and date
  • Establish the extent of a policy breach within your organization

Our team of expert forensic analysts comprises experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable individuals at Nation Security. Our personnel will carry out efficient phone forensics while keeping your data secure and confidential. We have carefully selected forensic analysts who are highly trained and who remain professional throughout the work. We provide quality and reliable services that will surpass your expectations. If you are willing to talk to an expert forensic specialist, contact us today.