Theft Investigations

Theft investigations cover a pretty broad category and many possible scenarios. Many theft-related issues occur in businesses, ranging from theft of money to theft of physical assets, inventory, and even theft of services. Frequent unexplainable thefts and losses in firms can be very disastrous to such business. The business bottom line can be in adverse jeopardy, and it could lead to the end of the business. According to statistics, cases of employee theft amount to about $50 billion from American businesses every year. Furthermore, companies lose up to 7% of their annual revenues due to theft and fraud. As if those statistics aren’t alarming enough, more than 30% of business bankruptcies occur due to employee theft.

You must note that theft can come in different ways. Unaccounted loss of office supplies and merchandise is a form of theft that you might be missing out on. When an employee refuses to report sick, or vacation leave correctly, such an employee is stealing time. Internal sabotage and violence towards other employees are other forms of theft that you might not have taken seriously. If you leave those acts unchecked, you might be putting your business in danger of collapsing.

It is almost impossible for you to handle the investigations of such losses on your own. A better choice is to employ the services of highly qualified private investigators. At Nation Security, we offer you private investigators who have adequate training and proficient experience to carry out such operation as required. Our team of trained private investigators remains discreet and works with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality. Employing Nation Security services is a big step towards putting an end to criminal activities before it gets out of hand. 

We work with you to understand the nature of the crime requiring investigation, and based on your preferences; we develop our plans to carry them out as covertly as possible. We go about our surveys, causing little or no disruptions in the flow of your business. Also, if you wish, our team of experts can work as prominent detectives. Their presence sends a strong message to your employees, and they’ll be careful not to carry out theft in the future. Also, investigators’ visible appearance may push an evil perpetrator to take further steps to incriminate themselves in an attempt to avoid being caught.

Our approach to investigating other theft cases will be different from our strategy for your business. That is to say that we develop our plans to suit your unique requirements. Our priority is to offer the best services and catch any thief among your employees. At the end of our investigations, we provide you with a full report of our findings and other related pieces of evidence. Based on your demands, we offer services such as:

  • Preliminary record checks
  • Covert camera installations
  • Interviewing and taking of statements
  • Surveillance services
  • Social media searches
  • Extensive database checks
  • And many more!

You need to avoid every possible situation that may put your business in danger, and employee theft is one of them. Nation Security offers you the best private investigators in Florida and beyond. We also provide security consultation services that will help improve your business’ security and prevent future theft occurrences.

FAQ's For Theft Investigations

Nation Security can provide businesses with a comprehensive security assessment, identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, and develop a customized security plan that includes employee training, surveillance systems, and access control measures.

Nation Security handles a wide range of theft investigations, including but not limited to employee theft, retail theft, cargo theft, identity theft, and intellectual property theft.

Nation Security investigators are highly experienced and are either former law enforcement professionals or have extensive experience in private investigation and security fields.

Yes, Nation Security is licensed and insured in the states where it operates and adheres to all state regulations and requirements.

Nation Security maintains strict confidentiality protocols and safeguards all sensitive information obtained during investigations.

Nation Security investigations are conducted using a variety of methods, including surveillance, forensic analysis, and interviews with witnesses and suspects.

You can contact Nation Security through their website or by phone to schedule a consultation and discuss your specific needs and concerns.

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