What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do?

What Security Guards Can And Can’t Do?

Security is crucial for any business. Neglecting it can harm your business. So, it’s vital to take steps to tackle security threats.

If your business is in the Twin Cities, one way to enhance security is by hiring trained security guards. At Unparalleled Security, we offer professionally trained guards to keep your business safe.

When you choose us, our guards serve two main purposes: deterring threats and responding to security issues. However, it’s important to know the limits of their authority, which we’ll discuss here.

Explore what security guards can and cannot do in this helpful guide.

What Security Guards Can Do?

Security guards offer an extra layer of protection for your business. They work to keep your belongings safe and ensure the safety of everyone around.

Here are some of the tasks that security guards are trained to do and legally permitted to perform:

1. Keeping Private Places Safe

If you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be, like private property, security guards can ask you to leave. It’s their job to keep places safe, whether it’s a construction site, a building, or an event.

Even though it’s part of their job, they might ask for help from the police or other authorities if you don’t go when they ask.

2. Security Guards Can Make an Arrest

Security guards sometimes make arrests, but they can’t do more than that. They might wait for the police to come and take over. Their job is just to arrest someone if they need to. It depends on their company’s rules and the situation they’re dealing with.

3. Ask for a Physical Search

When you need to go into certain places, safety comes first. And sometimes, that means getting checked physically. Security guards might ask to search you, but only if you agree to it.

Sometimes, before leaving work, guards may check employees’ bags. Or if they think someone might be stealing from a store, they might check customers’ shopping bags.

4. Armed Guards Carry Weapons

Security guards have the option to carry firearms, but not all do. Those who carry guns must follow state laws governing their use. While armed guards offer added protection, unarmed guards may suffice for some businesses, depending on their security needs and customer preferences.

If your company requires heightened security, armed guards may be beneficial. However, consider the potential impact on customers and weigh the necessity against the benefits. Explore the requirements and responsibilities of armed security guards to make an informed decision for your business.

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5. Preventing Unauthorized Entry

When it comes to keeping places safe, security guards have an important job. One thing they do is stop people from coming in if they’re not supposed to be there. For example, if someone tries to go to a party they weren’t invited to, security guards can tell them they can’t come in. This helps make sure businesses and events stay safe from people who might cause trouble.


What Security Guards Can't Do?

While security guards play a vital role in protecting businesses and events, it’s essential to know what they can’t do. Unlike police officers, they have different training and legal limitations.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to hire security guards who are aware of their authority boundaries. This helps avoid legal liabilities for any errors.

At Nation Security, we ensure our security teams understand their capabilities and limitations. We emphasize knowing when to seek assistance rather than taking on tasks beyond their scope.

1. Searching Individuals

Security guards can look through bags and belongings but cannot search someone’s person without consent. If a person refuses, guards cannot proceed with the search.

2. Use of Force

Security guards are not allowed to use excessive force. While they can defend themselves, they prioritize caution and good judgment in their actions.

3. Detaining Individuals

Security guards cannot detain people indefinitely. If necessary, they should contact law enforcement for assistance in handling the situation.

4. Traffic Stops

Security guards have limited authority outside of the property they protect. While they can patrol areas and question or detain individuals on-site, they cannot pull someone over or make arrests. They focus on monitoring property and entrances, not traffic stops.

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