Workman’s Compensation Investigations

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Workman’s Compensation Investigations

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In Florida, employees receive compensation in cases of occurrences of occupationally incurred injuries, regardless of whose fault it is. This compensation accounts for payments, including lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses incurred during recovery. Statistically, workman’s compensation claims have increased rapidly in recent years. Many of these claims have ended up being fraudulent or illegitimate. According to statistics, worker’s compensation fraud costs the insurance company about $5 billion every year. That’s a considerable loss, and it can severely hurt a business. Employers hardly disapprove of workmen’s compensation claims, and several employees have seen it as a perfect opportunity to get personal profits from these fraudulent claims. 

The rapid hike in illegitimate workman’s compensation claims takes a significant toll on insurance companies. To adequately address these situations, insurance companies usually increase the premium for such services, and this cost ends up transferred to the employer or business owner. A high premium can significantly affect businesses, especially small and developing ones. It is, therefore, crucial for you to make proactive decisions while handling workman’s compensation claims. The first and most significant step to take is hiring a private investigator to discover the truth. 

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Nation Security provides a full menu of workman’s compensation investigation service. We employ a team of experienced private investigators. They are well-versed in discovering the truth about a workman’s compensation claim. We look into several facets of these claims to uncover how specific incidents took place. We achieve timely results by working discreetly and professionally. Our expert private investigators are highly trained and exceptionally skilled. These attributes are put into careful use while carrying investigations on the workman’s compensation claims. We not only use our expertise and training, but we also employ high-quality technologies to uncover the truth about suspected fraud. Nation Security professionals carry out investigations in such a way that the discovered evidence is relevant in court.

Our private investigators have been trained in various investigative strategies to conduct workman’s compensation investigations.

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These methods include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reconstruction of the accident: Based on your demands, we can help recreate an accident to be sure of how plausible it is for such an accident to occur. After recreating the accident, our private investigators will analyze every possible factor and determine what the cause of the accident might be. This step, we believe, is critical to uncovering the truth about compensation claims.
  • Researches and Interviews: Our private investigators conduct extensive interviews for workers claiming a workman’s compensation. The questions contained in this interview are essential for establishing the details of a claim. Also, we interview witnesses to accidents to get a real understanding of what occurred. 
  • Surveillance: Surveillance is one of the most critical components of our private investigation services, and we treat it as such. Monitoring produces pieces of evidence that can prove or disprove the legitimate nature of a claim. 
  • Background checks: We conduct background investigations to check the truth about a worker’s injury. These investigations give us insights into the past conduct of a worker. It shows us if they have fraudulent claims in the past. 

Ignoring the possibility of having fraudulent or illegitimate workman’s compensation claims can be disastrous. You need to address such claims with urgency. Nation Security offers workman’s compensation investigation services that are reliable and will meet your expectations. Contact us today!