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In February 2020, a report was made by the Caribbean Safety and Security Net that some amount of money was stolen on a yacht while the owner of the yacht was ashore. The owner left a huge dog on the yacht to keep it protected, but obviously, that wasn’t enough. Also, in January 2020, minders of a yacht on the shores of the Dominican Republic discovered that it had been burglarized. The criminal had used some tools to remove the boat’s locking hardware, thereby gaining easy entrance into the boat. According to the CSSN, there was a significant increase in the total criminal acts on boats and yachts. There was a 27% increase in security threats to yacht from the previous year. The importance of having reliable yacht and boat security services can never be overstated.

Whether you own a Super Yacht or you’re a charter user, your crew members, family, and staff will always want to feel safe when on the boat. Criminals target all sizes of yachts, and they can cause unrepairable damages. When there’s an expert security service provider aboard, there is an assurance of peace of mind. The modes of operation of pirates over the years are very similar to those of the historical forebears. Their activities include kidnapping, cargo theft, vessel theft, burglaries, and many more. They even attack crew members and other individuals on board, causing them serious injuries.

Nation Security can assist in minimizing the risk of these crimes. We provide you with yacht security teams that are always aware of suspicious movements and behaviors. The level of security required by a superyacht is different from the one needed for a cruise ship or boat. We understand this at Nation Security, which is why we work with you to analyze the security needs of your yacht. We then tailor our boat and yacht security plans to meet your exact requirements. We also develop preparation and guidance that helps the people onboard to take into account all security measures.

Our yacht and boat security services include:

  • 24/7 yacht security
  • Risk analysis and monitoring
  • Mitigating threats from piracy
  • On-shore personal protection services
  • Coordinating with shipboard personnel
  • Remote monitoring of shipyard
  • Executive protection services
  • Access control and security
  • Security briefing to crew
  • Land-based protection services
Yacht and Boat Security

Nation Security will provide you with armed and unarmed security officers. They have been adequately trained on the service of keeping boats and yachts safe from crime and security threats. Our security officers have been appropriately scrutinized, and we have done a background check on them. Our professional yacht and boat security officers have been trained to adhere to operational procedures closely. They know the proper etiquettes that will help them to mix with the existing crew on the yacht.

Nation Security is your best for yacht security services in Florida and beyond. Our yacht and boat security teams have the professionalism and experience to keep your vessel and the people in it safe and secure. Yacht security requires the best security hands, and Nation Security is ready to provide that. Contact us today!

FAQ's For Yacht and Boat Security Services

Nation Security provides a range of yacht and boat security services, including remote monitoring, tracking and recovery, alarm response, access control, and more.

Yacht and boat security services are essential to protect your vessel from theft, vandalism, and other security threats. These services can also provide peace of mind and ensure that your vessel is secure at all times.

Nation Security’s yacht and boat security services utilize advanced technology such as GPS tracking, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras to monitor your vessel. If any security threat is detected, the security team will be immediately notified and will take action accordingly.

Yes, Nation Security provides security services for all types of yachts and boats, including luxury yachts, commercial boats, and recreational boats.

The cost of Nation Security’s yacht and boat security services depends on various factors such as the type of vessel, the level of security required, and the duration of the service. You can contact Nation Security for a quote based on your specific needs.

Nation Security provides yacht and boat security services in various locations throughout the United States. You can contact Nation Security to inquire about the availability of their services in your area.

Yes, Nation Security is licensed and insured to provide security services in the United States. They comply with all local, state, and federal regulations related to security services.

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