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We are committed to providing quality, licensed Security Officers, and we service all 50 states

With over 25 years of Security, Law Enforcement, and Military experience, Asdel Vazquez President and Chief Executive Officer committed to providing the best possible service to serve your particular security needs.

A successful security company starts with who they hire. We recruit only the best individuals to become our officers. Because our employees are the ‘cream of the crop,’ we relentlessly strive for job satisfaction and happiness among every employee. If you perform well, you are rewarded with career growth and stability.

Security Guards in Miami

One of the most important aspects of operations is maintaining a safe and secure environment for tenants, guests and employees. Securing a facility is a complex task that involves more than simply responding to threats.

Airport security

Airport security services to help protect staff and passengers at the airport.

Access Security

Access control is the starting point of all human security.

Residential Security

Feeling safe in our homes is a priceless asset worth chasing for everyone.

Executive Protection

Executives are usually the most valuable targets for security threats.

Fire Protection

This is carried out in places where the possibility of fire occurrence is high.

Asset Tracking

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Security Guard Services

We are eager to take on the challenge of becoming your preferred security company in Florida. Our security services cover Doral, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.

At Nation Security, we are dedicated to providing our clients with creative and cost-effective solutions for all their security guard requirements. Our customized services, which many of our competitors do not offer, ensure that we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs.

We specialize in catering to clients who demand a higher level of security with a more sophisticated approach, all at competitive rates. What sets us apart from larger regional and multi-national companies is that we provide personalized services that small local vendors offer, combined with the corporate structure, supervision, and training that larger companies provide only to their top corporate and government clients. This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

We offer a wide range of security services, including armed and unarmed security officers, protection escorts for high-value goods, access control, and front desk ambassador services for residential and commercial buildings, residential communities, industrial parks, marinas and boat yards, strip malls and shopping centers, and distribution centers and financial institutions.

If you require security guards in Miami, Doral, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach counties, please contact us at 305-902-2020 to speak with one of our team members. We do not use sales pressure tactics, and there is no obligation to commit. We simply offer you the information you need to make informed decisions. You can also reach us at via email.

Security Guard in Miami, Florida


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