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Crossing Guards

Our dedicated crossing guards ensure safe passage for students and pedestrians, earning praise for their caring demeanor and unwavering commitment to community safety.

Safety of children with our highly-trained crossing guard services at affordable prices.

Nation Security is here to make sure you and your community stay safe, especially when it comes to crossing the road. We provide excellent crossing guard services for schools, towns, and groups. Did you know that a lot of people, about 1.35 million, sadly lose their lives in traffic accidents every year around the world? And the number of people who get hurt while walking on the road keeps going up.

Even though we have street cameras and traffic technology to help, they can’t always keep us 100% safe. That’s why we have real people, like crossing guards, to make sure everyone gets across the street safely. These crossing guards are like traffic officers who look out for you and your friends when you’re walking to school or anywhere else.

So, when you see a crossing guard from Nation Security, know that they’re here to help keep you safe, because your safety is super important to us.

Our Crossing Guards Services

Nation Security crossing guards services comprises a team of well trained and experienced professionals. They are well versed in traffic laws and procedures to ensure the safe crossing of every pedestrian in their designated area. Each crossing guard has undergone intensive recruitment and background checks to ensure the lives of students, staff, or pedestrians in the area are in safe hands. To ensure the safe crossing of pedestrians, we provide each crossing guard is knowledgeable in:

  • The local geography of designated areas
  • Local traffic laws
  • Traffic signals
  • Emergency procedures
  • Heavy traffic and inadequate weather traffic procedures
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Benifits of Crossing Guards



The most significant benefit of crossing guards is safety. They help people, especially children, safely cross busy streets, reducing the risk of accidents.

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Community Bonding

Crossing guards often become familiar faces in the community, fostering a sense of trust and community cohesion.

Health Security

Reduced Accidents

With crossing guards on duty, there are fewer accidents involving pedestrians, particularly near schools and high-traffic areas.

Traffic Security

Traffic Control

Crossing guards help manage traffic flow during busy times. They stop cars and allow pedestrians to cross, preventing traffic jams and ensuring a smooth flow of vehicles.

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What are Crossing Guards?

Crossing guards are like safety superheroes for people who walk to school or anywhere else. They’re the friendly faces you see at street crossings, helping you safely get from one side of the road to the other.

Imagine you’re walking to school, and you come to a busy street. That’s where a crossing guard comes in. They stop the cars, so you and your friends can walk across the street without worrying about traffic.

Crossing guards wear bright vests and sometimes hold stop signs to make sure drivers notice them. They also help you learn about road safety by showing you the right time to walk and when to stop.

These everyday heroes play a crucial role in keeping you and your community safe from traffic accidents. They make sure everyone gets to where they’re going without any accidents happening on the way. So, when you see a crossing guard, remember to give them a friendly wave and say thank you for keeping you safe!



Crossing Guard FAQ's

The primary responsibility of a crossing guard is to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the street at a designated location. They are also responsible for controlling traffic, reporting any hazards or incidents, and maintaining order and discipline among the pedestrians they are assisting.

The requirements to become a crossing guard can vary by location, but typically include being at least 18 years old, passing a criminal background check, and completing training provided by the local government or law enforcement agency.

Crossing guards receive training on traffic laws and regulations, pedestrian safety, crowd control, and effective communication with drivers and pedestrians. They may also receive training on first aid, CPR, and emergency response procedures.

Crossing guards are exposed to a range of hazards, including being hit by vehicles, slips and falls on wet or icy surfaces, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and encounters with aggressive or unruly pedestrians or drivers. They must be alert and aware of their surroundings at all times to stay safe.

You can show your appreciation for the important work of crossing guards by obeying their instructions, being patient and respectful, and thanking them for their service. You may also consider writing a letter to your local government or law enforcement agency expressing your gratitude for the valuable role that crossing guards play in ensuring pedestrian safety.

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