Every year, retail stores face a rapidly increasing need for adequate security measures. Retail stores suffer a significant amount of inventory shrinkage when thieves commit theft without detection. These activities pose an unnecessary financial burden on store owners.

Another type of incident posed to retail stores is the intentional tampering and destruction of goods, thereby rendering these goods useless and worthless. Internal theft is also a serious concern for the retail business. Hence, the need for proper and robust security services at retail stores is of great consideration.

Nation Security provides professional retail security programs for your store. Our focus is to ensure that your retail business is free from all kinds of security threats such as burglaries, robbery, shoplifting, internal shrinkage, or others. Our retail security officers have received comprehensive training allowing them to assist in inventory losses caused by employee theft, shoplifting, theft, and other related retail stores security risks.

Regardless of the size of your business, our well-trained and dedicated team of experts will provide protection and loss prevention services. Not only do our retail security officers respond promptly to emergencies. We also create a welcoming atmosphere to customers and visitors by offering patrol services in and out of the retail shop premises. We provide your retail business with armed and unarmed security officers who have been trained to prevent conflict from occurring. In the event an incident happens, we will adopt measures to prevent it from escalating. We have also incorporated video surveillance into our design, which allows proper monitoring of activities in the store.

We at Nation Security understand that every business has its vulnerabilities and unique security needs. We, therefore, work with managers to survey their business, analyze the security needs, and design appropriate security programs that fit the need. Nation Security’s retail security officers have been trained to identify suspicious acts as fast as possible and report such suspicious individuals. Our security officers also monitor employees with the purpose of minimizing internal issues. Our officers use discretion and report only to ownership. Our retail security services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Access control and video surveillance
  • Providing security guards for warehouses and stores
  • Providing armed security for transporting of valuables
  • Controlling traffic around business premises
  • Verified alarm response
  • Site audits and cargo protection
  • Reception and Concierge Services

Without the presence of a highly qualified security professional, your retail business is vulnerable to security risks. Nation Security provides retail security services that are second to none. Our retail security officers are high-professionals. With our level of experience and training, putting the security of your retail business in our hands could be the best decision you’ll make for your business. Contact us to book our services today!