K9 Security

Canines are an integral part of any effective security service. They represent one of the most effective means of deterring trespassing on properties. Dog’s sense of smell and hearing are highly enhanced. This enables them to detect trespassers who may be hiding and invisible to a security officer. They have a greater observation radius and can cover a very significant portion of large grounds.

Canines assist security officials in deterring crimes. They also help save lives with their unique skills and bravery. Loyal, watchful, and protective, these canines are highly trained to be unnerving even in most stressful situations. They are perfect for different applications of security, ranging from a patrol of properties to the detection of substances. This makes them incredibly effective in the provision of security.

Many security providers fail to incorporate the use of canines in their operations. This is where Nation Security stands out. Our K-9 units are a principal component of our security system. Our K-9 teams consist of professional handlers and specially trained canines. These dogs form a formidable partnership with our highly qualified security officials so that they can provide the most effective deterrent against crime.

Statistics have shown that a security officer working with a K-9 unit can deter more crime than a two-team of armed security officers. Our military dogs are trained with security tactics. This enables them to detect the faintest of odors and pick the lowest frequency of noises, which will allow them to pinpoint problems faster than a single security officer would.

We have taken it upon ourselves to give dogs and their handlers extensive exposure to training to enable their effective performance. The mere presence of our K-9 security units can create a great perception of a high level of security. The highly-trained K-9 units from Nation Security will only follow commands from their handlers.

Our K-9 security services have been designed to meet your security needs in the most effective ways. Hence, we provide K-9 services for security needs ranging from strong onsite visual presence to comprehensive security solutions.

Our K-9 services include the following:

  • Guarding commercial and residential properties
  • Screening event attendees for weapons, drugs, and explosives
  • Accompanying security guards on patrol
  • Locating suspects in hiding
  • Visually deter possible crime at events
  • Inspection of venues for explosives before events


Nation Security boasts of providing the best possible security services involving the K-9 unit. Our K-9 officers and handlers are ever ready to provide security assistance that meets your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll be looking forward to working with you.