Airport Security

Airports are huge hubs servicing a myriad of purposes in the Transportation Industry. Globally, airports accommodate an astronomical volume of passengers and cargo transiting through their terminals. This has made airport primary targets for terrorist attacks; the threats to aviation increase by the year. Also, these are not the only threats posed to airports.

Drug trafficking, contraband, import, and export of dangerous goods, luggage theft, and other activities pose serious risks to airport employees, stakeholders, and passengers which are all part of risks involved in airport operations.

These and other reasons have made the aviation industry a focus for critical security programs.  Global transportation systems naturally expose people and infrastructure to threats of terrorism. Hence, airports are in dire need of specialized security solutions that can tackle any form of criminal activity. Nation Security works towards mitigating threat levels and identifying suspicious activity in and around the airports.

Nation Security aims to provide assistance to local and federal airport authorities in protecting passengers, employees and infrastructure. Our services include screening operations and integrated solutions that minimize risks at the airport. We are experienced in Access Control measures to secure prohibited and sterile areas, as well as verification of proper Airport credentials.

Our Airport security officers are fully trained in the task of monitoring both internal and external areas via advanced CCTV surveillance systems that have been developed and tested by experts in the field. Nation Security also provides security solutions that enable the effective detection of potential debris threats.

We provide security for airports and aircraft, including escorts for all types of operations. These operations include cabin inspection, luggage area security, verification of identity, protection of restricted areas, and many more. Nation Security will help with the provision of a wide variety of security screening equipment for the detection of metals, weapons, drugs, and explosives.

Other airport security services we provide include the following:

  • Designing access control systems
  • Passenger and non-passenger screening
  • Inspection of all vehicles entering secure areas of the airport
  • Verification of cargo contents before loading
  • Access control and ID card validation for restricted areas
  • Bag and checked baggage screening
  • A thorough search of cabins and luggage
  • Patrolling the facilities, including airport infrastructure
  • Responding to security breaches, threats, and all other emergencies

At Nation Security, we strive to make the difference. We provide airport security solutions that are practical and efficient through the unique combination of innovative products, the latest technologies, and professional security officials. Book a quote today to learn more.