Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are susceptible to theft from their inventories, damage on properties, vandalism, and several other security risks. Car dealerships are known to have high quality and valuable stock, most usually displayed in open spaces. According to the FBI, motor vehicles were stolen in 2018 at a rate of 228.9 out of 100,000, with 748,841 vehicles stolen in 2018. Florida is ranked third highest in most cases of car theft in the United States, with 41,165 cases in 2018.

These statistics show that car theft has been a frequent and regular occurrence in the world. Car dealerships without adequate and reliable security create many opportunities for thieves and criminals. Management of car dealerships tends to think that car theft from inventories is always very tricky. That might be true, but not for an experienced vehicle thief. If unsecured, stealing a car from stock may be like taking candy from a 4-year old.

Thieves do not only steal an entire vehicle, but they also take various other parts of the car. These include side mirrors, lights, wheel covers, and many other valuable vehicle parts. For experienced thieves, doing this will only take a few minutes, and you wouldn’t even notice until later. Thefts aren’t the only security threats faced by car dealerships. Vandalism is also rampant, causing damages requiring high repair costs. Also, it is impossible to overlook the threats posed by employees. Some employees may also engage in theft and other dishonest activities.

Therefore, car dealerships need to seek professional security services to assist them in preventing the situations mentioned above. Although having surveillance cameras and the likes may prove necessary, they are nothing compared to having specialized security officer services on site. Our expertly trained security officers adequately identify security threats and take the necessary precautions to prevent them from occurring.

Our Security officers at Nation security have received professional training, and they have passed a series of background checks. Hence, when we offer you, security officers, you can be confident that we provide you the best of them. We give you security officers, depending on your preference. Our officers can be armed or unarmed based on the level of security needed in your car dealership.

We understand your car dealership’s uniqueness, which is why we work with you to analyze your security need and develop plans customized towards meeting your specific needs. Our security officers at Nation Security are always ready to respond to security threats as fast as possible. They monitor your facility’s entries and exits and work to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your facility.

Our car dealership security services include but are not limited to, the following:

  • 24/7 protection services
  • Vulnerability assessment and crime analysis
  • Enforcing other necessary security measures
  • Theft and vandalism deterrence
  • Access control services
  • Mobile patrol around premises
  • Traffic control around the facility
  • Implementing other essential security measures
  • Regular report of activities

Having the assistance of Nation Security professionals in your facility is an excellent decision to achieve adequate safety and security. Take that step today and contact us. We are always ready to help.