Condo Security

The rate of criminal activities in and out of residential areas has spiraled in recent years. These criminal activities include theft, vandalism, physical violence, burglaries, and many more. A high percentage of these criminal activities occur in areas of high traffic or residential population, such as Condominiums. Despite the use of security gadgets such as CCTVs and automatic gates, these crime rates continue to rise. Research shows that residential areas with physical security personnel are less prone to security issues and criminal activities. They are way more effective than security cameras and automatic gates.

Nation Security provides comprehensive and responsive service to Condo owners. Securing homes and properties is a basic necessity that should not be overlooked. Everyone should be able to fell safe at their homes, knowing that their condo and their property are as secure as possible. CCTV Systems are only as good as the personnel monitoring it and can be easily tampered with. People can “piggyback” into your property via an automatic gate system. Well trained professional security personnel from Nation Security watch and review your surveillance feed aiming to maximize your condo’s security. They will work with you to understand the layout of your Condo and develop quality, and impeccable security strategies that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Nation Security Condominium security personnel has been well trained and are apt to respond to emergency security issues adequately. Typically, a high volume of residents in the property generates significant traffic of people and vehicles going in and out of the condos. In addition to residents, visitors and deliveries add in considerable amounts.  This translates into a higher potential for crime-related risks. Suppose a thief disguised as a pizza delivery man enters the property and heads to the mailroom, we have all heard of such cases. Nation Security officers will make all efforts to minimize the chances of such occurrence. Everyone going in or out of the condos must come in contact with our security personnel, and they are trained to identify, log, and provide or deny access into your community.

At Nation security, our condo security services include:

  • Physical security for your condo
  • Monitoring security cameras and reviewing of surveillance feeds
  • Apt security emergency responses
  • Access control and gate security
  • Mobile security patrols around the condo
  • Providing round-the-clock property protection
  • Preventing theft and deterring every form of crime
  • Controlling traffic in and around the condominium
  • Eliminating vulnerabilities or immediate threats
  • Pro-actively alerting management of potential issues and prompt response
  • Situation report per condo policies

Whether you own or manage a Condominium, be sure to contact us at Nation security today to find out more about how we can assist you. Our security services allow you to relax, knowing that the security of your condo is in the safest hands possible. Nation Security condo security officers will provide professional and reliable security services created to maximize the safety of lives and properties. Feel free to contact us. We are ready the provide your condo with security services that are second to none.

Condo Security FAQ's

Some common security measures for condos include security cameras, access control systems, security guards, and alarms. Other measures may include secure entrances, locks on windows and doors, and well-lit common areas.

There are several ways you can improve the security of your condo. Some suggestions include installing a deadbolt lock on your door, using a peephole or security camera to identify visitors, keeping your windows locked, and reporting any suspicious activity to your building’s security team.

If you notice a security issue in your condo building, such as a broken lock or a suspicious individual, it’s important to report it to your building’s security team or property management company right away. They can investigate the issue and take appropriate action to ensure the safety of all residents.

This will depend on the rules and regulations of your condo building. Some buildings may have restrictions on the type of security systems that can be installed, while others may require approval from the building management before any installations can be made. It’s important to check with your building management before installing any security systems in your condo.

If you lose your condo key or access card, it’s important to report it to your building’s security team or property management company right away. They can take steps to ensure that your condo is secure, such as changing the locks or deactivating the access card. It’s also a good idea to have a spare key or access card in case of emergencies.