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The popular notion that robots are the future might not be wrong. Engineers design General-purpose robots to perform a wide range of functions at the same time. They can monitor the quality of an environment, respond to alarms, contact law enforcement, and carry out many other tasks. Autonomous security robots combine various technologies and use them to perform security and surveillance tasks. They can carry out duties that include monitoring, investigation, detection of an intruder, and regular reporting. Security robots can be essential in helping security officers in performing their duties more adequately. They can do various tasks in various locations, and they are very reliable.

Knightscope autonomous security robots were designed to assist every establishment, security personnel, property, or facility, almost everywhere, to detect and deter crime more effectively. Knightscope autonomous security robots are credited with crime reduction in several establishments. The Huntington Park Police Department better established this. From their gathered data, these autonomous security robots have been instrumental in reducing criminal activities at Salt Lake Park. After the deployment of these security robots, there was a 10 percent reduction in police calls for service, a 46 percent reduction in crime reports, a 27 percent increase in arrests, and citations reduced by 68 percent.

The Advanced Capabilities of Autonomous Security Robots

What separates these autonomous security robots from their human counterparts is their ability to flawlessly mix various technological components that help them perform their functions. These components are robotics, artificial intelligence, and self-driving capacity. They come with several advanced technologies, including surveillance technology that can help capture, stream, and store extensive video footage. These robots can detect humans, read license plates, communicate pre-recorded messages, monitor surrounding temperature, and identify devices. These enable them to carry out crime detecting and deterring functions in the most effective ways.

knightscope security robots

Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots by Nation Security

Knightscope autonomous security robots provided by Nation Security are  user-friendly, easy to integrate, scheduled, and on-demand, and built for extreme conditions to perform the following functions:

  • Enhance Security: Together with Nation Security teams, these security robots provide additional patrol services for your facility. They are more equipped to detect humans and track vehicles for supervision and detection of intruders.
  • Reduce security risks: Knightscope autonomous security robots can get to areas that are difficult to reach by humans allowing them to inspect these areas and reduce risks in the process adequately.
  • Optimize security operations: With these robots, there will be 24/7 visibility on your facility. They will also detect infrastructural faults quickly and respond rapidly to conduct preventive maintenance.

There is no limit to what these Knightscope autonomous security robots can do when securing your premises and keeping lives and property safe. Nation Security provides these security robots throughout Florida and the United States. Contact us today!

Different Types of Security Services

Many industries are experiencing significant growth, which in turn is exposing them to more security threats. It is of utmost importance that your employees and visitors while improving their overall experience. Nation Security will help you with this by providing Knightscope autonomous security robots for your facility. We assist you in attracting the people you want (customers) and repel criminals. These robots are versatile, and they can be deployed in different locations, be it stationary, indoors, or outdoors. Our Knightscope autonomous security robots can provide security services for various establishments such as:

  • Office buildings
  • Sport arenas
  • Educational sectors
  • Corporate organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail shops and malls
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Parking lots
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Movie theatres
  • Nightclubs and casinos
  • Warehouses

The list is endless.

Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots FAQ's

Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots are fully autonomous robots designed to enhance security in various settings, such as offices, schools, malls, and hospitals. They use a combination of technologies, including 360-degree cameras, thermal imaging, and facial recognition, to detect potential threats and suspicious activities.

Knightscope robots are equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras that enable them to collect and process data about their environment. They use machine learning algorithms to analyze this data and detect potential security threats. When a threat is detected, the robot can alert human security personnel, sound an alarm, or take other appropriate actions.

Knightscope robots offer a range of security features, including 360-degree video surveillance, license plate recognition, facial recognition, thermal imaging, and more. They can also detect and respond to potential threats in real-time, such as identifying weapons or suspicious packages.

Yes, Knightscope robots can be customized to meet the specific security needs of different organizations. For example, a school might want to focus on identifying potential threats from students or visitors, while a mall might want to monitor parking lots for theft or other criminal activity.

Yes, Knightscope robots are designed to be safe around people. They are equipped with sensors that enable them to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Additionally, they are programmed to slow down or stop if they detect a person in their path.

The cost of a Knightscope robot depends on several factors, such as the specific features and customization options requested. However, the company offers a range of leasing and financing options to make their robots more accessible to organizations of all sizes.

If you are interested in using Knightscope robots to enhance security at your organization, you can contact the company directly to request a consultation. They can help you determine which robot models and features are best suited for your needs and provide you with a custom quote.

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