Missing Persons Search Service

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Missing Persons Search Service

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Locating a missing person without professional help can prove to be a futile exercise. There are many categories of missing person investigations, and there are several reasons you may need private investigators to assist you. The police are law enforcement agents whose training will allow them to handle emergency cases such as violence, kidnapping, runaways, and several others. However, the police may not start your missing person investigation until 72 hours have passed. Several things can happen within 24 hours of a person being missing. Many times, when a person is missing, they are in dangerous situations. Not only that, but the police also have several prioritized societal crimes to attend to, and they may not actively start a search for your missing person for an extended period. 

While you may think that your only chance of finding your missing person is with the police’s help, you have other options. The best option is hiring a private investigator. Nation Security Private investigators are well-trained professionals to find your missing persons in little to no time. Our private investigators use professional tactics and strive to find your missing person and return them to where they belong. The crucial part is that you do not have to wait 72 hours before giving us a call. Nation Security private investigators are ready to begin investigations as soon as we are in contract with you.

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We are well-versed in helping you find:

  • Runaways
  • Kidnapped persons
  • Fugitive debtors
  • Long lost friends or family members
  • Witnesses in a legal case
  • Missing minors
  • Birth parents
  • Business associates or clients

Finding a missing person can sometimes be quick when you have the right strategies. However, it can be pretty tedious, especially when the person in question wants to remain hidden. Some missing person cases go beyond the use of databases. Hence, the need to hire professional private investigators. At Nation Security, we understand that every case comes with its unique circumstances. Locating a long-lost friend or relative will require the use of different strategies from those used in finding a fugitive debtor or a kidnapped minor. We work with you to analyze the type of investigation services you require. We then design our plans to meet your unique requirements. 

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Our team of private investigators is committed to working solely on your case, following all available leads. At Nation Security, we offer you experts who have logical and analytical minds. We remain discreet while offering our investigation services, and we treat every single case with the utmost confidentiality. At Nation Security, we employ sophisticated tools and high-quality investigative techniques to gather viable and accurate information. Our private investigators leverage several networks and carry our physical searches by land, sea, or air, based on your demands. We make use of advanced surveillance technologies and tracking skills to locate runaways as quickly as possible.

Professional missing person investigators at Nation Security have the skills, experience, and knowledge to locate your person. We conduct quick and reliable investigations, minimizing delays at all costs. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your needs.