Personal Driver

According to statistics, security threats that involve executives and highly ranked individuals usually occur when they are in or near their cars. Sometimes, criminals see a perfect opportunity in attacking executives when they are on the move. Besides, direct attacks aren’t the only reason why having a personal security driver is essential. With statistics from Control Risks, 60% of abductions take place while in transit. With AIG data suggesting that about 90% of kidnap-for-ransom events go unrecorded, the actual number of kidnapping cases during transit may be higher than 60%. 

Also, a survey by the Global Business Travel Association has recorded that up to 50 percent of business travelers view terrorism as their most significant security concern. We cannot ignore the possibilities of vehicle accidents occurring, with close to 1.3 million people dying in motor car accidents every year. Nation Security is a leader in providing expert personal security drivers for private firms, corporations, families, and executives in Florida and the rest of the United States. 

We understand the risk involved during transportation and why transportation can be a weak link in maintaining personal security. We offer you expert security drivers who have exceptional skills to get our clients where they need to go in comfort and safety. Nation Security personal drivers have top-notch driving skills and experience with several automobiles. Our extensively trained drivers have proficient knowledge of vehicle operations to provide safety and comfort for our clients.

 Our security drivers at Nation Security are aware of the best and safest routes to avoid traffic and add convenience to your journey. We have trained and educated all our drivers to engage in pre-journey planning to prevent possible risks. Nation Security experts understand how precious time is for executives, and we strive to provide our clients with the best personal drivers in town. Our security drivers avoid unnecessary disruptive conditions. Hence, they prevent distractions and interruptions while driving, improve productivity and keep you safe while in transit. 

With permission from you, our clients give our drivers access to ongoing oversight and threat management tools. These enable our drivers to remain aware of current situations even while driving. Our drivers will treat you and your executives with the utmost politeness and respect. They will also help in loading and unloading your luggage. All these combine to improve your experience with us. Our security drivers are at your beck and call. They will be ready to pick you up at any time, remaining punctual and time conscious. 

Our drivers offer the following services:


  • 24/7 secure transportation services
  • Evasive and defensive driving
  • Secure assets protection
  • Armed and unarmed security drivers
  • Airport transport services
  • VIP transport services

Nation Security personal security drivers are trained professionals who have the right knowledge of security and safety techniques. Our drivers are committed to providing the best possible security and protection to our clients. Contact us today to employ the services of the best personal drivers in town. You will not be disappointed.

Personal Driver FAQ's

A personal driver is a trained and licensed professional who is hired to drive individuals or families to various destinations in a safe, reliable, and comfortable manner. Personal drivers may be employed by individuals, companies, or organizations to provide transportation services as needed.

Hiring a personal driver can provide numerous benefits, including improved safety, convenience, and productivity. With a personal driver, you can avoid the stress and distractions of driving in traffic, find more time to focus on work or leisure activities during your commute, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go.

There are several ways to find a qualified personal driver, including asking for referrals from friends and family, searching online job boards, or contacting a professional driver service. When selecting a personal driver, be sure to review their qualifications, experience, and references, and ask about their availability and rates.

A personal driver’s responsibilities may vary depending on their employer’s needs, but typically include driving the employer to various destinations, maintaining the vehicle’s cleanliness and safety, assisting with luggage or packages, and adhering to traffic laws and safety regulations

The rates for hiring a personal driver may vary depending on several factors, such as the driver’s experience, location, and the duration and frequency of their services. Some personal drivers charge an hourly rate, while others may charge a flat fee per trip or day. It’s important to discuss rates and payment terms with your personal driver before hiring them to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.

A personal driver should have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and proper insurance coverage. Additionally, they should have experience driving in various weather and traffic conditions, and knowledge of the local area and traffic patterns. Some personal drivers may also have additional certifications, such as defensive driving training or a commercial driver’s license.

The type of vehicle used by a personal driver may vary depending on their employer’s needs and preferences. Some personal drivers may use their own personal vehicle, while others may use a company-owned or rented vehicle. The vehicle should be well-maintained, clean, and safe for transportation.

During a ride with a personal driver, you should expect a safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation experience. The driver should be punctual and courteous, and provide any necessary assistance with luggage or packages. The vehicle should be clean and well-maintained, and equipped with amenities such as air conditioning or heating, music, and Wi-Fi.

Some personal drivers may be able to provide additional services, such as running errands or providing security, depending on their qualifications and the employer’s needs. It’s important to discuss any additional services or responsibilities with your personal driver before hiring them.

Clear communication between the employer and personal driver is essential for a successful working relationship. Employers should provide the driver with clear instructions and expectations for each trip, including the destination, schedule, and any special requests or requirements. Drivers should also communicate any changes or updates to the employer in a timely and professional manner.